Camping - 6 spots

Stay with your own tent, caravan or camper in our orchard. It is possible with a group to rent the entire orchard.


Glamping - 1 spot

Want to camp but don’t want to lug all the gear? Book our furnished glamping tent!


Groups - Entire orchard

Friends weekend, reunions, group vacations. During the week it is possible to come as a group and on weekends provided that the entire property is rented (always by agreement).

Good to know

  • There is no minimum stay
  • Dogs are welcome if leashed
  • Electricity is available but is not included. This can be arranged on site
  • We have a filling point for water tanks
  • You can order a breakfast buffet from us or from the farm store for the next day
  • You can book with friends/couples/couples to stand next to each other
  • We have an outdoor solar shower. This shower is heated by the sun

We are not a standard massive campsite or glamping. We have a maximum of 6 spots in our orchard, so you can always enjoy the ultimate in nature and tranquility.

Modern Hippy Campsite is an alternative campsite for people who want to go back to basics and break away from today’s society. No obligations, full agendas or apps.

Quiet on the campsite between 23:30 and 07:00. You may of course enjoy the campfire late into the night, but in a tone softer.

Back to basics with kids
Surely it’s too much fun to go back to basic and go camping outdoors with the koters. Build fires together, go on adventures in the region and play games. We have several (outdoor) games that you may use, provided you put them back 🙂

Arrival: after 15:00
Departure: before 12:00


The common place; Woodstock
In the middle of the orchard is our common place where you can enjoy a campfire, some food or play games with other guests or alone.

Cooking and BBQ
Back to basics with a wood fire on which you can cook in the open air. There is a fire basket at each spot, but you can also borrow a fire bowl from us with a tripod and BBQ rack.

You can buy wood from us (of course you can also bring your own).
In our cupboard you will find cast iron pans so you can prepare meals over the fire.
In dry periods it is forbidden to make fire.

Sanitary Facilities
We have a toilet and a cold water outdoor shower; Simple, but effective!

The closet is full of cool (outdoor) games you may use!
Sandwiches and breakfast basket

Breakfast buffet
You can order a breakfast buffet from us or from the farm store. You can pick it up the next day.

The Farm Shop
On the campsite grounds we have a farm store with the tastiest things from the region! From strawberries to liqueurs, we have everything you can think of.

This is Modern Hippy campsite;