House Rules

General Guidelines:

Enjoy your stay at Modern Hippy Campsite, where we promote a harmonious environment for all guests to relax and unwind.

Please respect the natural surroundings and maintain the cleanliness of the campground by properly disposing of waste and litter.

Be courteous and considerate towards fellow campers and our staff, fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Follow any instructions or guidelines provided by our team and ensure the privacy of other guests is respected at all times.

Camping Regulations:

Keep your pets on a leash and refrain from allowing them to wander freely, preventing disruption to the local wildlife and ecosystem.

Utilize the designated fire pits and barbecue facilities responsibly, ensuring that fires are fully extinguished before departing.

Exploration of the surrounding fields is restricted; please stick to the designated hiking and biking trails to appreciate nature safely.

Visitor Policy:

Visitors are warmly welcomed, but we kindly request that they adhere to the same rules and regulations as our registered campers.

All visitors must register at the reception upon arrival and park their vehicles in the designated areas provided.

We ask that visitors respect our facilities and amenities, leaving them in a tidy condition for the enjoyment of all guests.

A maximum of 4 visitors per camping spot/booking is permitted. Please note that a fee of €2 per visitor and €5 per overnight guest (excluding tourist tax) applies.